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Eritrea National Museum

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Eritrea National Museum

Eritrea National Museum

Eritrea is that the youngest nation on the continent of Africa, with a history as previous as humanity. it’s beautifully invested with remains spanning all temporal segments in human history, palaeontological, prehistoric, protohistoric, and historical and therefore the recent period of time. Moreover, the African country has the top density of anthropology sites in Africa.Eritrea National Museum

Along the vale of the Southern sea expanse, that is, on the Buya space, a well- preserved human os, the “Buya- Woman”, qualitative analysis regarding a meg year was discovered by a cluster of Eritrea-Italian researchers. it absolutely was nicknamed Aslli (perfect) by its discoverers. Besides this, fossils of large animals square measure a number of the exhibits on show within the palaeontological section of the museums.
The Name has conducted varied anthropology surveys and excavations on the larger Regional anthropology Survey Project (GARASP), that yielded discoveries qualitative analysis back to 800 B.C- 400 B.C- well before the muse of Aksum.

The Simbel on web site depository, that is an associate ancient stone house with ancient ritual and symbolic objects, is one among the scientific achievements of the National depository of the African country. it’s believed to possess been based 900 years before the Aksum Empire.

In the course of the long struggle for independence, the Eritrean folks Liberation Front (EPLF) created tremendous contribution within the documentation of Eritrea’s cultural heritage and history by recognizing its influence within the consolidation of national identity.

After the liberation of town in 1990, the previous palace of the town was elite as a regional depository. Later, once African country became freelance, one among the foremost attention-getting buildings of the country, the previous government palace in Asmera, was changed into the National depository of the African country. it absolutely was formally inaugurated by Ato Woldeab Welemariam, father if the Eritrean struggle, on Feb one, 1992.

The main purpose of the institution of the national depository was to assist the folks of the African country to appreciate and find out about their long and wealthy history, that they need being denied for hundreds of years. The gap of the Regional depository of town is meant to facilitate the conservation of cultural heritage within the country. Eritrea National Museum

The National depository has totally different sections, as well as the palaeontological, anthropology, room, explanation, medieval history, anthropology, and therefore the documentary and archives sections.
Sections of National depository of the African country
Archaeological Sections: homes huge and wealthy materials, rock arts, Sabean inscriptions and alternative artifacts collected through excavation that initiate to the second millennium B.C.

Art Gallery

Here guests will realize paintings, as well as an outsized choice of art by fighters within the struggle for Eritrean independence.

Natural History Sections

fossils of reptiles, birds, ostriches, and alternative mammals square measure housed during this section. Most of those mammals square measure were currently extinct.

Medieval History Section:

Introduction of the civilizations of Christian and Islamic faiths. Moreover, stone inscriptions (in Arab Language); Spanish copies and alternative connected medieval collections square measure found in these sections.

Ethnography Sections

here square measure found handicrafts of the 9 Eritrean ethnic teams, like ancient games, ancient shoes and garments, and alternative material cultures exhibited on a variety of open storage system.
Documentary and Archives Section: this is often wherever all cataloging and documentation of the collected materials of the depository takes place.
Eritrea is endued with several sites of national, continental and international importance. a number of the sites, like Adulis, Qohaito, Metera, Dahlak-Kebir, and therefore the recent historical web site of Nakfa are named within the UN agency World Heritage List.

Therefore, Eritrea’s spot of those valuable resources should address problems with historical identity. The National depository of African country takes a number one role in efforts to review, animal disease and pass around information regarding cultural heritage. It additionally assists alternative establishments with coaching, systematic preservations and scientific study of cultural heritage that square measure essential in consolidating national identity and booming nation-building.

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