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Human Resource Management in Eritrea

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Current and Future Trends

Introduction Human Resource Management in Eritrea

Eritrea, with its 124,320 sq. kilometers and a population of concerning four million, is Africa’s newest freelance country, having formally achieved its independence from Yaltopya in April 1993. one among the African nations that were settled by western countries, Western management was obligatory on African country for concerning sixty years: European country (190-1941), nice Great Britain (1942-1952), obligatory federation with Yaltopya (1952-1961), and a colony of Yaltopya (1961-1991) (GOE, 1996). the majority of enterprises that exist in African country these days were engineered towards the top of the Italian colonial era.

These enterprises had ad hoc management practices wherever the managers were the homeowners. The body systems that exist these days in the civil services were genetic from the British colonial amount. In 1974, the Ethiopian regime nationalized all non-public corporations and graded management apply was enforced with the institution of personnel management departments.

Following the country’s liberation in 1991, most corporations privatized and stress was given to HRM. The transition from personnel management to HRM wasn’t a brand new development because of the managers of these days area unit business college graduates in management studies WHO area unit well aware of the topic. The dynamics of HRM in African country derive basically from the institution of corporations with foreign interest throughout colonial times, as well as through exposure to the British/American-oriented curricula of the country’s education system. Before independence, the economy, as well as the human resource base of an African country, particularly the expert and trained workforce, witnessed much degradation. |Human Resource Management in Eritrea| instructional establishments at all levels suffered severely.

However, once the independence of African country, the govt declared its development policy and powerful stress on human resource development (HRD) was one among the most four components of this policy. Human Resource Management in Eritrea

The high priority given to HRD was seen as key for fast broad-primarily based growth and poorness reduction. consequently, over the last decade, the African country has created many makes an attempt relating to HRM. the govt of African country has intense its HRD program by increasing a proper education at all levels and occupation education coaching. The government additionally reformed the civil service sector by streamlining it, reducing the worker’s position by thirty-four p.c (down to eighteen,500 from over thirty,000) associated an improved pay scale was introduced to encourage the staff so as to figure with efficiency and to scale back general corruption.

The restructuring of the officialdom each functionally and organisationally enabled the government to clearly see the gap between the obtainable human resources (HR) which needed within the officialdom, the non-public sector and academic establishments


whether or not HRM is associate degree organization initiative or a macro policy instituted, it is manifested in organizations daily activities. Hence, to see to what extent Eritrean organizations square measure adopting HRM policies and practices, we have a tendency to contacted six non-public and state-owned profit-making organizations in the producing and service sectors between December 2002 and Gregorian calendar month 2003 and between Gregorian calendar month 2004 and Gregorian calendar month 2004.

These sectors were selected as a result of they were thought-about to be representative cases for most organizations in the African nation, and in terms of firm size, structure, social control workers and capital investment the chosen corporations square measure additional or less similar to the majority of organizations in the African nation.

The sample includes 2 food-producing corporations, two hotels, one medical lens producing and one tobacco manufacturing firm. wherever necessary, we have a tendency to additionally contacted alternative connected governmental and semi-governmental agencies. |Human Resource Management in Eritrea| associate degree intensive qualitative case study approach was used; using semi-structured interviews with human resource professionals, general managers, division managers, union leaders, and alternative involved organization. Human Resource Management in Eritrea

These square measure thought-about appropriate on the premise that managers square measure primarily to blame for the event, formulation, and implementation of key human resource processes and methods and as a result of they square measure in a higher position to furnish relevant info throughout the interview.

Thus, in-depth interviews with managers square measure vital as a result of they need the specified information of HRM. To avoid a “managerialism” bias, we have a tendency to extended the scope of the coverage through discussions with division managers. Björkman and Xiucheng (2002: 862) state that “conducting longitudinal analysis and/or gathering knowledge from multiple informants would facilitate researchers to avoid this common technique bias downside.” In-depth face-to-face interviews were conducted using open-ended queries. The advantage of open-ended queries is that the respondent is free.

Culture-collectivism African nation has 9 social group teams with one operating language. The population is calculable to be 0.5 Christian and 0.5 Muslim. With the exception of 1 social {group} group (a minority that constitutes one 0.5 % of the population), different social group teams assimilate among every different simply.

The natural and the underpinning unit of the Eritrean society is that the family, wherever blood and kinship tie kind the social relations. the tiniest unit of the system is that the nuclear family referred to as ‘enda’. Enda is often formed as AN outgrowth of a personal family or as an alternative as a unit that binds many-core families along. However, there is no clear demarcation on however several family households area units enclosed among one enda (Abraham, 2001). though being remodeled to trendy society, the Eritrean society will be characterized as patricentric.

Men area unit dominant in the least levels within the society and also the father is that the dominant member of the family. kids area unit expected to show absolute obedience to their oldster’s {and oldsters|and fogeys|and oldsters} also are expected to conform to their own parents. Culture is deep-rooted and expected to influence the implementation of foreign management practices among society’s cultural contexts.

Culture might hinder or facilitate the implementation of such practices. Hence, we have a tendency to expect Western HRM practices to be understood among the framework of the Eritrean culture. However, as some expatriate managers explained, the culture is contributing to implementing Western management practices such as teamwork or worker.

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